Project Insight

Income-tax Department has initiated Project Insight to focus on three goals, namely (i) to promote voluntary compliance and deter noncompliance; (ii) to impart confidence that all eligible persons pay appropriate tax; and (iii) to promote fair and judicious tax administration.

Under this project an integrated data warehousing and business intelligence platform is being rolled out in a phased manner. The project also operationalizes two new centres namely Income Tax Transaction Analysis Centre (INTRAC) and Compliance Management Centralized Processing Centre (CMCPC).

The Income Tax Transaction Analysis Centre (INTRAC) leverages data analytics in tax administration and performs tasks related to data integration, data processing, data quality monitoring, data warehousing, master data management, data analytics, web/text mining, alert generation, compliance management, enterprise reporting and research support.

The Compliance Management Centralized Processing Centre (CMCPC) uses campaign management approach (consisting of emails, SMS, reminders, outbound calls, letters) to support voluntary compliance and resolution of compliance issues. A dedicated compliance portal would be used to capture response on compliance issues in a structured manner for effective compliance monitoring and evaluation.

Reporting Portal

Reporting Portal is one of the critical components of Insight Platform to collect information from Reporting Entity. The portal can be accessed at The reporting portal has been designed as an integrated portal for all third party reporting activities. The reporting portal provides enhancements (over present upload on e-filing portal) in following aspects:

i. Seamless data processing & quality monitoring
ii. Data encryption for enhanced security
iii. Seamless information exchange with reporting entities
iv. Comprehensive resources module for capacity building
v. Seamless reporting entity compliance management
vi. Dedicated helpdesk support